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With his 25 years of experience, Ed Dagan, owner of E.D. Dental Laboratory in Reseda, continues to improve his practice and satisfy a wide range of requests. Recently, Dagan has been honing his skills on combination cases, those involving fixed and removable features, noting the special importance of cosmetic appeal. "It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to know how to space teeth and place attachments in order to create a natural looking prosthesis," Dagan explains. "Many crown and bridge labs just do them without allowing for adequate space for the teeth to be placed." Often dentists call upon his expertise to help them with a particularly difficult bite so that the resulting denture will function comfortably. "It is especially important to consider the placement of the appliance," Dagan says, "and it is important to put the appropriate amount of stress and retention on the proper tooth in order to create longer-lasting functionality."

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