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  • - Denture Repair
  • - Denture Reline
  • - Mouth Reconstruction
  • - Removable Dentures
  • - Aesthetic Crowns
  • - Cosmetic Dentistry
  • - Prosthetics
  • - Dental Laboratory
  • - Complete Lab Work
  • - Denture Fitting
  • - Porcelain
  • - Veneers
  • - Composites
  • - Full Cast
  • - Dental Implants

What are the advantages of having dentures?

False teeth can assist patients in a number of ways. It helps with mastication or the ability to chew. It also assists in aesthetics, or the appearance of having or not having dentures. You speech pattern can return to normal and finally it may boost the self-esteem of sensitive patients. All forms of dentures need to be kept in good shape with a cleaning kit to keep the adhesive strong so you don’t have to replace them.

What types of dentures are there?

Removable partial dentures are for patients without some teeth in upper or lower arches. Fixed partial dentures are crowns fitted to remaining teeth. Fixed bridges are expensive, but more stable and require less repair. Complete dentures are worn by patients missing all their teeth.


We provide high quality service to our patient we use top of the line equipment and material. Our lab is specialized in Denture Rebase, Relines & Repairs for Affordable Adjustments. Our goal is to get you feeling comfortable again to chew rigorously and smile without embarrassment.


Rebasing is a procedure in which the denture base material is replaced by new material.


If your denture is broken, chipped or cracked, we can often restore it to its original condition.